The Biotechnology Program's NIH BTP Training Program

Career Outcomes

    • Data on career placement is provided under "Program Outcomes". For actual occupations see NIH/Biotech Fellows section of website.

    • Our alumni have found positions in many diverse occupations such as academia, biopharma and biotech industries as well as founded or co-founded their own companies. Of the fellows who are in academia, the chart below shows a further breakdown.

    Academic Occupations Breakdwon


      Industry occupations breakdown is shown on the chart below:

    Industry Breakdown


    One of our latest NIH graduates, Dr. Abigail Yu is highlighted below:

    Abby Yu (2012-13 NIH Fellow) graduated in 2015 with her PhD in Integrative Genetics and currently works as a Research Scientist at Sutro Biopharma in San Francisco. Before she left campus, she presented her research on “Bioinformatic Methods for Understanding Engineered DNA-Binding Proteins & Their Applications in Malaria Research”. See her video below (all artwork in presentation was created by her).




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