NIH Training Program in Biomolecular Technology

Fellowships and Publications Outcomes

      • The average NIH Fellow has received at least one other fellowship (than the NIH BTP T32) and two awards during their PhD studies.

      Anna Marie Tuazon

      • Anna Marie Tuazon, a 2014-15 and now 2015-16 NIH Fellow has been the recipient of the NIH IMSD (National Institutes of Health - Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) in addition to the NIH BTP fellowship.

      • On average, each NIH fellow produces three publications during their tenure as a PhD student. For a list of publications, visit our "Fellows' Pubs" section.

      • 67% of NIH BTP Fellows had first author papers during their PhD tenure.

      Karan Agrawal

      • Current NIH Fellow, Karan Agrawal, was recently filmed discussing his current research in the use of metabolomics to develop non-invasive diagnostic methods for inflammatory skin diseases. Karan received a BA in Chemistry and Biological Sciences at Cornell University and a MSc in Forensic Science at King's College London. He is a member of the Pharmacology & Toxicology graduate group and Prof. John Newman is his mentor. To hear about his research, watch below.



Complete Listing of NIH Fellows' Publications are listed here: stack of paper



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