NIH Training Program in Biomolecular Technology - Program Outcomes

Outcome Statistics

    • The average time to degree for our NIH Fellows is 5 years. The average for the Biotechnology Program's designated emphasis in biotechnology students (~ 230) is 5 years, 1 quarter. The data was calculated by using the student's admittance into a PhD program and their subsequent graduation date, then taking the average.

    • The percentage of all our NIH students who successfully attained a PhD is 97%. All Fellows since 2002 (36 total), except one, have completed their PhD. 100% of NIH URM Fellows have completed their PhDs.

    • The average number of publications during PhD coursework is 3 (See Fellows' Pubs section on this website for complete list of publications).

    • The percentage of Under-represented Minority (URM) students currently in the Program is 21%.

    • 22% of all our graduated NIH PhD student population have been URMs.

    • Data on career placement listed below. Please see "Career Outcomes" for further information, highlights, and additional breakdowns. For actual occupations see NIH/Biotech Fellows section of website.

    As of November 2015:

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