Workshops, Seminars, Courses, etc. Offered to NIH BTP Trainees

NIH BTP Trainee Activities:

Courses Offered
NIH BTP (Biomolecular Training Program) Trainees are offered several week-long courses held during the summer. These courses include: Flow Cytometry, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, etc. Photos are HERE.

Workshops Offered
All trainees must attend the annual Fellows Mixer where they learn how to set up their MyIDP profile, meet the other trainees, and give a short talk about their research. Other workshops include: CV preparation, Prototyping workshop in the TEAM facility, Data Analysis workshop, Entrepreneurship workshop, Problem Solving Workshop, ESTEME (Equity in STEM and Entrepreneurship) student-initiated and run outreach and leadership training program, etc.

Annual Biotechnology Training Retreat (in Napa)
All trainees must present their research at the annual Biotechnology Training Retreat held in March. Their audience consists of other PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, campus VIPs, industry representatives and CEOS. Photos of the last retreat are available HERE.

Chalk Talks
All Trainees are encouraged to present one chalk talk. It is a venue where students interact with other trainees and present their own research work and hear about the research of other students. No PowerPoints are allowed. Chalk Talk Schedule HERE.

Karan Agrawal, 2015-17 NIH Trainee, presented his Chalk Talk on “Utilization of Metabolomics to Assess the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Using a Non-Invasive Diagnostic Method” and allowed it to be filmed. To watch, click HERE.

Volunteer Opportunities/Philanthropy
Many of our NIH trainees volunteer at the annual Biotechnology Event during UC Davis' Picnic Day. Photos of last Picnic Day are available HERE. Other philanthropic activities include: giving guided tours for prospective students and under-represented (URM) high school students, becoming an e-mentor for a URM high school student, becoming a Science Communication Fellow and communicating science to the general public, etc.




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