Wade Zeno

"I learned so much about the basics and applications of biotech. I learned about the vastly diverse research areas and how they are all related. I learned what it takes to start and operate a biotech company and what they do. All of this acquired knowledge has helped make me a more well rounded individual and researcher."

NIH Fellow, 2013-14, 11-12 Wade Zeno PhD awarded 2016

Johnathon Anderson

"... gave me valuable insight into the business apects conducting research and also the intrapersonal "soft skills" necessary to thrive in a team environment! I would highly recommend the DEB to incoming graduate students!"

NIH Fellow, 2014-15, Johnathon Anderson, PhD awarded 2016

Brandon Brown

"It gave me an alternative prespective on training and opened my eyes to industry research.  It turns out that I am interested in industry and I would not have realized this otherwise.."

NIH Fellow, 2012-13, Brandon Brown, PhD awarded 2016

Kristen Beck

".. provided me with ample research support and professional development. They helped me gain confidence in my research and career goals. They also helped me explore various avenues to connect w/industry allowing me to obtain my position at a top research company."

NIH Fellow, 2012-14, Kristen Beck, PhD awarded 2015

Gabriel Rodriguez

".. exposed me to many industrial biotechnology companies. It has awarded me a NIH Fellowship which aided my research projects." "...has also given me great contacts in the biotech industry."

NIH Fellow, 2012-13, Gabriel Rodriguez, PhD awarded 2014


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UC Davis Biotechnology Program
0301 Life Sciences Bldg.
Davis, CA 95616
Email: biotechprogram@ucdavis.edu

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