The NIH Training Program in Biomolecular Technology

Nomination of Students for Training Program Support

The NIH Training Grant in Biomolecular Technology, NIGMS T32-GM008799 (renewed from July 1, 2012-June 30, 2017) allows us to offer NIH Biotech Fellowships in addition to Biotechnology Fellowships for 2016-17 academic year. .

If you wish to nominate one of your pre-doctoral students (2nd-3rd yr as of 2016) for support, please have your nominee complete the application form and sign the cover sheet. Please note that current fellows, who wish to continue, must be re-nominated for the coming year. Funding will be limited to two years.

When making your nominations, please take the following into consideration:

1) All nominees must be citizens or permanent visa residents of the United States.

2) Active Participation in the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) graduate program is required before nomination.

All DEB students MUST complete MCB 263 (Biotechnology Fundamentals & Applications) before their qualifying exams.  The DEB student is required to complete the following coursework by the time of graduation:  DEB 263 (Biotechnology Fundamentals & Applications); MCB/ECH 294 (Current Progress in Biotechnology; minimum of 3 quarters); MCB 282 [a 3-6 month internship at a biotechnology company (*see update below for recipients of NIH fellowships) or cross-college location]; and GGG296 (Scientific Integrity and Professionalism) or approved elective. For more information on the DEB, see

3) If funded, the fellow must give an oral presentation of his/her research at the Annual Biotechnology Training Retreat in March/April of 2017.

4) It is essential that the nominees be those students who have the best prospects for becoming first-rate independent research scientists, regardless of their current or future means of support. Scholastic achievement, creativity and cross-disciplinary biomolecular research with a link to public health weigh heavily in the selection.  Collaborations between laboratories and crossing traditional boundaries are very important in the selection process. Publications between biology and physical science or engineering are strongly encouraged, especially for continued funding. All publications must cite the training grant.  Visit NIH T32 Biomolecular Technology website for instructions (

5) To be eligible for support, the student nominee must have entered their second or third year of training in the fall of 2016 (support may only be funded up through the fourth year). For current recipients of a NIH or Biotech fellowship, a new nomination form is still required.  We will try to maintain funding for 2 years if good progress is being made.  Funding for a third year may be considered only in rare cases.

6) A letter of recommendation on departmental letterhead with signature must accompany each application. A brief description should be included of your specific research interests and of your interests in biotechnology.  The letter may be submitted electronically (electronic signatures are valid).

7) In ranking nominees, academic proposal and/or research progress are highly valued as well as excellent GRE scores and graduate level GPA.

8) If you already have a collaborative relationship with industry, please refer to this in your submission.  Prior biotechnology company interaction is not a prerequisite for consideration of any nomination but it may facilitate placing fellows for their industrial internships.

9) If you wish your student to receive their company training with a specific trainer, please indicate this on your submission.

  1. Please have your nominee(s) complete the enclosed form.  Your nominee should use the first person when describing and reporting progress of his/her project.


11) If you nominate more than one student for fellowship support, only one may be funded. Special consideration will be given to faculty trainers on the NIH Biotechnology Training Grant.

12) All students nominated for support will be evaluated by the NIH Biotechnology Training Program and the DEB Executive Committees.   Personal interviews may be necessary before final selections are made. Awards will be announced in early June.

*New directive from NIH-NIGMS for NIH funded fellows (not to be confused with Biotech Fellows):
Industrial internships. As you know the Biotechnology training grants were established at the urging of Congress in recognition of the role of Biotechnology training for future development of a biotechnology industry. A distinguishing and unique characteristic of these training grants compared to the other funded by NIGMS is the requirement of an industrial internships. The Biotechnology TG with the industrial internship requirement is still very timely in light of the President’s National Bioeconomy Blueprint published last Spring. (

Please remember that the two or three month industrial internship is to give students a meaningful research experience in a biotechnology or pharmaceutical firm. This research experience may be fully integrated with the trainee’s Ph.D. research, but it may also be used by the trainee to delve into new areas. Therefore, the following venues are NOT acceptable for NIH Fellows’ industrial internships:

  1. National laboratories
  2. Academic institution or research institutes affiliated to universities or medical schools
  3. Law firms or consulting companies
  4. Health care companies
  5. Science policy institutes

The timing of an industrial internships will also be carefully reviewed.  It is strongly recommended that the internship is completed soon after the funding is completed.
The MCB 282 report should include:

  1. Name of the trainee
  2. Length of the internship (dates)
  3. Site of the internship
  4. Supervisor name, title, and contact information
  5. Description of project
  6. Value of the internship to graduate education

Please submit cover page, application forms and letter of recommendation by faculty preceptor electronically to Jacki Balderama ( in the Biotechnology Program as soon as possible, but no later than April 22, 2016.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Judith Kjelstrom at or 752-8228 or 752-3260 (main desk).


Downloadable Fellowship Instructions and Forms


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