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Team science, competency in scientific communication, and entrepreneurial thinking have always been key goals that are emphasized with our pre-doctoral students. When the collaborative approach is used, innovative research discoveries can advance and transform our lives. This is communicated to the trainees through our curriculum and our many social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and has encouraged outstanding and innovative interdisciplinary research between labs (academic as well as industry).

The BTP’s website is used to publicize and highlight the accomplishments of our current trainees and alumni from the program, as well as disseminate our BTP Newsletter. Graduated BTP trainees’ current occupations and statistical data are also available on this website under “Career Outcomes”. Our email listserve is the primary tool to post announcements associated with the BTP program along with program social media outlets (this website, a NIH Trainee LinkedIn Group, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.). These are valuable tools for reaching our trainees/students and informing them of tools to help them through their graduate training. For example, we added guidelines for preparing for the QE and the internship process, and we linked the website to all 29 UCD graduate group homepages. These connections have increased our social networking efforts for recruitment and are essential tools for staying connected to our NIH/Biotech trainees, faculty, graduates and industry partners.

NIH BTP Newsletters: HERE

Biotechnology Program's Magazines: HERE

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The UC Davis Biotechnology Program NIH Fellows group is a LinkedIn group available only to current or past BTP Trainees, NIH Faculty Trainers, and our NIH Program Officer. Individuals who also announced NIH trainee accolades and information include the NIH BTP Director, Prof, J. Kent Leach; NIH BTP Program Coordinator, Dr. Judith Kjelstrom; and the NIH BTP grant manager and social media person, Marianne Hunter.

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The UC Davis Biotechnology Program Facebook Page is a common source of broadcasting trainees' accolades and they are encouraged to provide anything of relevance to the page as well.

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Twitter feeds from the Biotechnology Program's directors and NIH PIs also announce trainee accolades and relevant information. Relevant handles include:

Prof. J. Kent Leach (NIH BTP Director): @kentleach5
Dr. Judy Kjelstrom (NIH BTP Program Coordinator): @JKjelstrom
Marianne Hunter (NIH BTP Grant and Social Media Manager): @mythodology

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Relevant NIH information is posted on Google + by Marianne Hunter, the NIH BTP grant manager and social media dedicated person.



The NIH Director's Blog can be found HERE



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